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Observing Tools For L2 Learning

1) Anki (Flashcard service)

- Added Value: Digital flashcards, personal development (learning statistics)

- Usability: Easy to use

- Interactivity: None

- Technical requirements: Smartphone/Laptop (Computer)

2) Nearpod

- enables interaction with students during a lesson

- can be used for preparing material for a flipped classroom

- presentations in Power Point can be uploaded to your Nearpod account

- -> student ́s mobile devices are used

- teacher uses Nearpod to present the slides

- activities can be added to the slides from a wide variety of sources

- Usability: easy to use

- Interactivity: Teacher-student-interaction

- Technical requirements: computer, mobile phone, projector, internet

3) Explain Everything

- technical requirements: only available for tablets

- interactive whiteboard

- on the screen you can use drawings, texts, videos, photos, web pages and many more items at the same time as you record your voice

- assignments of different kinds, for example recording themselves using a

foreign language

- usability: very easy to use (perfect for students)

- Interactivity: Student-Student; Student-Teacher

Favorite Tool: Explain Everything (creativity, mobile technologies, many possibilities)

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